Friday, June 26, 2009

Repost of my life( Modeless)

life must go on..
life is about effort...not just rely,
life is about sharing..not just daring,
life is about tolerance..not just obey,
life is about togetherness....not just alone,
life is about living....not just loving,
life is about belief in faith....not just"hentam sajala"
life is about friendship...not just"lovely-lovey"
life is about is not static..
life is always change...but the essence remains..

sometimes life required it true??


Anonymous said...

Don't be hypocrite because it will kill your self in the have many meaning but it depend on yourself to create and manage it...

Anonymous said...

even if we hypocrite..who knows?pandai2 save la.hahaha

xurs said...

hipokrit dengan diri sendiri....ade effect kat orang lain jugak ke??

Prinzessin said...

hidup ni mmg kena hipokrit..kalau tak sentiasa ditindas. - Falsafah dari neraka!